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Funghi Energia e Salute aims to promote a better quality of life for as many people as possible. Our commitment is to make Medicinal Mushrooms well-known, these exceptional natural Food Supplements useful for increasing psychophysical well-being and personal energy. Their properties excel both in prevention and in the treatment of many problems affecting the body.

We excel at offering quality Mycotherapy Supplements: our products come from safe and sustainable agriculture; we guarantee rigorous and constant control of the entire production chain. Funghi Energia e Salute complies with all pharmaceutical safety standards, following the Italian national pharmacy code (CN) and the GMP control system.

It is rewarding for us to transmit the wealth of knowledge gained over the years to others and to provide natural Food Supplements with effective dosages and adequate quantities of bioactive ingredients.

Our customers have remained loyal for over 10 years, because we offer products of the highest quality. Individuals and points of sale such as pharmacies, parapharmacies, herbalists and organic shops rely on our Mycotherapy Supplements precisely because we guarantee 100% natural products, with the most effective and purest possible active ingredients, which meet their expectations. We organize and promote numerous meetings to provide information and training activities, through courses, conferences and books. We are pleased to note that people welcome our contribution to the spread of Mycotherapy. This confirmation encourages us to continue in our work, always with renewed interest and enthusiasm.

Associating Medicinal Mushrooms with conventional medicine always produces beneficial effects, because their natural characteristics and potential strengthen the organism without interfering with pharmacological therapies. Many scientists have shown that Medicinal Mushrooms exert their positive action without producing side effects: about 5,000 studies published by authoritative international scientific journals confirm this. This is why many doctors in China and Japan and other Asian countries prescribe them in the routine treatment of many diseases: for some time they have also been used in the West with good results.
We are aware that scientific research treats animals violently and induces unnecessary suffering. Sometimes we simply give you the data that have appeared in the literature to explain how these remedies work. We are against experiments on animals.

Our company

The original company name Funghi Meravigliao stems from our "first hand" experience which has shown us how marvellous and useful these gifts of nature are to live a long and healthy life full of energy.

Nowadays our name is Funghi Energia e Salute (Mushrooms, Energy and Health):  these three words contain the whole secret of a journey of well-being that guarantees an improvement in one's physical and psychological health.

Nature, in addition to edible mushrooms that are good to eat, also offers Medicinal Mushrooms, extremely valid treatments for a variety of illnesses. Medicinal Mushrooms play the leading role in Mycotherapy, a science that studies their precious biological properties to support the health of people and animals.

Mycotherapy is simple and revolutionary at the same time.

There are ten main Medicinal Mushrooms which are suitable for treating a wide range of problems and pathologies.

We are in touch with the continuous evolution of the market and are constantly looking for customer-oriented solutions. Our company, for example, is one of the very few that produces Medicinal Mushrooms in tablets: this format is the ideal choice because it provides a high amount of active ingredient (0.5g/tablet).

In addition, our natural Food Supplements can also be taken in powder form, for those who have difficulty swallowing, such as infants. Thanks to the powder format, even the elderly, more prone to dysphagia, can benefit from the potential of these Natural Supplements. Mycotherapy in powder form is also the ideal solution for taking care of your pet.

To expand and improve our product range, we have now also introduced the new Polvere Bio (Organic Powder) line.

The company Funghi Energia e Salute complies with all the obligations required by the Italian State, and has been selling safe products, in Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Herbalists and Organic shops for 10 years. We only purchase and process raw materials verified by specialized external and independent control bodies, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005, which guarantee rigorous control of the entire production chain. In addition, our Medicinal Mushrooms are the result of a constant search for quality and purity, certified by laboratory analyses with excellent results.

Aware of the beneficial effects of Medicinal Mushrooms on the whole body in all health conditions, we aim to make the extraordinary qualities of these natural products known to an increasingly wider and informed public. Our Food Supplements are gluten-free, lactose-free and GMO-free, characteristics that make them ideal for all those who want to take care of themselves using natural products. Our products are not tested on animals.

Medicinal Mushrooms are totally free of side effects.

Furthermore, their use enhances the results of conventional medicine therapies and in many cases reduces the side effects, as documented by numerous studies.


Dottoressa Nadia Franzinelli

Enrolled in the Lombardy Region Order of Psychologists No. 03/2316 on 15/01/1990 and in the Order of Psychotherapists.

Nadia Franzinelli, founder and owner of Funghi Energia e Salute, is a psychologist and psychotherapist and works in her studio, near Lake Iseo, surrounded by the countryside and the hills of Franciacorta (BS).
After many years of work in the Italian national health service, in 2002 she decided to devote herself completely to private clinical work as a psychotherapist.
She deeply believes in the benefits of Bach flowers because they can heal the mind and, even, the soul in the case of psycho-emotional imbalance.
Today also Medicinal Mushrooms are part of her message of help and support to alleviate the symptoms of patients.

«My first "contact" with Medicinal Mushrooms occurred following a sub-acute viral thyroiditis contracted in autumn 2007: I associated conventional medicine with the use of Agaricus, Reishi and Cordyceps.

Conventional medicine practitioners informed me that my thyroid could never recover. Instead, to my great satisfaction and to the amazement of my doctors, after a month of treatment with Medicinal Mushrooms ultrasonography showed thyroid tissue regeneration. I continued the treatment prescribed by Dr. Walter Ardigò, consisting of the three above-mentioned Medicinal Mushrooms, Magnesium and Vitamin C, with excellent results. Thanks to these natural Food Supplements my thyroid is now working normally.

Medicinal Mushrooms are so powerful that they can create a profound transformation in the body. They are able to bring hidden ‘poisons’ to the surface and significantly improve psycho-physical well-being, regardless of age and health. Thanks to its tonic properties, Mycotherapy reduces the symptoms of anxiety and various states of psychological discomfort and helps patients to find balance. I thank my parents, who inspired this project. They are the ones who taught me love and respect for nature: nature that offers countless gifts to sustain our health».

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