Food Supplements with Medicinal Mushrooms

We offer a large range of Food Supplements with Medicinal Mushrooms to optimise the well-being of your body. In addition to edible mushrooms, nature offers Medicinal Mushrooms, a valid means of healing. Medicinal Mushrooms are the protagonists of Mycotherapy, a science that studies their precious biological properties to support the health of people and animals.
Mycotherapy is simple and revolutionary at the same time.
We use eleven Medicinal Mushrooms and they allow us to prevent and treat many pathologies.
Our Food Supplements are products designed to respond to specific health needs for each person, both for prevention and for treatment.
Medicinal Mushrooms contain numerous active ingredients with beneficial properties for the body. They are the ideal ally for achieving improved psycho-physical equilibrium.

Our Food Supplements with Medicinal Mushrooms are available in tablet or powder form. We pay attention to the continuous evolution of the market, which is why we are at the forefront in producing Food Supplements with Medicinal Mushrooms in tablet form. In-depth studies have shown that tablets are the best choice because they provide a high quantity of active ingredients (0.5 g/tablet). This formulation is the most effective. To expand and improve our range, in addition to the tablets, we have introduced the Organic Powder.
Each product is notified to the Italian Ministry of Health and certified Vegan Ok. The raw material is processed in Italy in compliance with European and national regulations in force for pharmaceutical and food safety.

The use of Medicinal Mushrooms, combined with conventional medicines, enhances the results of the latter and in many cases reduces its side effects, as documented by numerous studies.
Medicinal Mushrooms are totally free from side effects.

The use of Medicinal Mushrooms enhances the results of conventional medicine therapies and in many cases, as documented by numerous studies, reduces side effects.

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We have studied five product lines, designed to improve psycho-physical well-being and health starting from your specific needs:
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Our Medicinal Mushrooms do not contain lactose
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