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When to use Medicinal Mushrooms? Our research at your service, for every specific need

Mycotherapy supports the body in several ways. There are 10 Medicinal Mushrooms capable of: activating the body's self-healing power, strengthening weakened physiological functions, purifying and eliminating accumulations of toxins, promoting blood and lymph circulation as well as nourishment of the body’s organs and increasing physical and mental stamina.

They are therefore a resource not only in prevention but also in the treatment of many illnesses. Medicinal Mushrooms are compatible with conventional medicines and their integration improves the results of pharmacological treatments without causing any side effects. The only contraindication: Auricularia is not compatible with anticoagulant drugs and is not recommended during pregnancy.

Discover the synergistic action of our natural Food Supplements and find well-being with the effectiveness of ancient oriental remedies.