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Medicinal Mushrooms support your natural energy


As a woman, you know that your health depends on proper nutrition and correct physical exercise. Our natural Food Supplements help you deal with everyday life, thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients naturally found in Medicinal Mushrooms.

For strong and shiny hair, to strengthen the reproductive system and balance hormones, choose the quality of Funghi Energia e Salute.

Over the years, needs change. When you are twenty years old some parts of your body need more attention, at thirty others, and so on when you are forty or fifty.

Mycotherapy is a woman's friend: well-being throughout the different phases of your life also depends on solutions provided by nature and capable of taking care of you according to your own specific needs.

In adolescence and as a young woman, everyday stress and emotional tensions can cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Even adult women can have the same problem for several reasons: once the cause has been identified, the natural Food Supplements of Funghi Energia e Salute offer precious help in supporting and benefiting the correct functioning of the body on a daily basis.

Day by day, Medicinal Mushrooms defend your body from cell degeneration and protect the tissues from the inside. The women who take our natural Food Supplements tell us they have regained their well-being, they feel more serene and have more energy. Even during pre-menopause and menopause, Medicinal Mushroom Supplements provide the right amount of vitamins and calcium: Cordyceps, for example, has excellent revitalising properties, while Reishi is an antioxidant.

Taking care of yourself is a daily gesture. Discover the Medicinal Mushrooms most suitable for you


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