Why choose the Natural Supplements of Funghi Energia e Salute?
Certified, safe and sustainable production

Our Food Supplements comply with pharmaceutical safety standards, following the Italian National Pharmacy Code (CN) and the GMP control system.
Our Food Supplements are suitable for those with celiac disease and lactose intolerance.
They are GMO free.



Responsibility and transparency: our values ​​are reflected in the way we manage our company

Funghi Energia e Salute by Funghi Meravigliao has been selling safe products for over 10 years, regulated by Italian legislation: these Food Supplements are also present in Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Herbalists and Organic Shops.

Our Food Supplements stand out because we follow these steps scrupulously:

  • Placing our products on the market only after notification to the Ministry of Health
  • Careful observation of Italian legislation related to H.A.C.C.P., product traceability and transparency towards consumers
  • Our company performs and ensures that the necessary checks are conducted throughout the entire production process. Legislation, as regards food products and food supplements, is extremely careful and strict and defines production areas and methods, systems and controls that each food company must comply with, so that it can produce and market food products for human consumption which are safe and respect consumer protection standards

In addition, the European Union has defined three extremely strict Regulations for food safety. We are committed to respecting them in a precise and timely manner:

  • EC Reg. 852/04: defines spaces, structural characteristics, production methods, hygienic procedures to be respected, control systems to be applied and health risk assessment
  • EC Reg. 2073/05: obliges food companies to validate the health of their products by means of chemical and microbiological analyzes, so that there is confirmation of the correctness of the production cycle and food safety for consumers
  • EC Reg. 1169/11: guarantees correct information, committing production companies to provide detailed information on the product in terms of ingredients


Checks carried out on the raw material

Medicinal Mushrooms are our core products. We purchase and process only raw materials verified by specialized external and independent Control Bodies, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005, which strictly and regularly verify and certify the correctness and quality of the entire production cycle.

For our Medicinal Mushrooms we collect the best that nature can offer: our Natural Supplements come only from uncontaminated areas and are grown by specialized farms. Mushrooms are grown according to standard procedures applied with care and attention, which guarantee the absolute quality of the product, right up to when they are collected. At this point the mushrooms are sent to the processing company. The specialized technicians of the Mycological Centre analyse, wash, slice, dry and reduce them to powder. The company that produces the powders of Funghi Energia e Saluteregularly conducts a series of severe microbiological and chemical analyzes to validate the authenticity of the product, as required by current regulations and ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005 certifications. Our products are not tested on animals.


International Regulations: we respect all obligations

The raw material, ready for shipment, must pass the controls of the Italian customs and of the customs of the country where they are produced, where compliance with all the extremely strict regulations in force is verified. This procedure allows the raw material to arrive in Italy.



Trust and openness: transparency towards the consumer above all

For all processing/production activities we collaborate with a reliable partner, historically linked to our company, which allows us to manage production according to our recipes. The company has been listed for over twenty years in the Register of establishments authorized for the production and packaging of supplements by the Ministry of Health and has ASL authorization issued pursuant to Legislative Decree 111/92 for the production of Supplements. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent production practices adopted, our reliable partners have had ISO 9001 certification for over 10 years. Like all food companies, it is subject to EC reg. 852/04 which obliges the preparation and implementation of a self-control system based on good manufacturing standards.


Only first class and authorized raw materials

These premises explain the extremely high quality of the main ingredients and the reliability of the production processes. The Food Supplements of Funghi Energia e Salute are the result of a continuous search for quality and purity; for this reason they are periodically subjected to analysis by external and certified laboratories. We are the first who wish to ascertain the validity of the raw materials: of our own free will we conduct analytical checks regularly and check 400 parameters at each analysis, divided between:

  • heavy metals (4 checks)
  • polycyclic hydrocarbons (10 checks)
  • pesticides (361 checks)
  • Ion gamma emitting radionuclides (15 checks)
  • microorganisms (3 checks)
  • aflatoxins (5 checks)
  • yeasts (1 check)
  • moulds (1 check)


We guarantee the absence of gluten

We pay special attention to the needs of those suffering from celiac disease, because confirmation of the absence of gluten is often requested before purchasing the products. It is known that, by nature, mushrooms do not contain gluten and no excipients used in processing contain them. Our products can therefore also be used regularly by those with celiac disease.