The most frequently asked questions about our products

Do you have doubts about taking Medicinal Mushrooms?
Here are the answers to the most common doubts.

The recommended dosage of each mushroom is:

  • LINEA PLUS:3 tablets per day equal to 1.5 g/day
  • LINEA BASIC:4 tablets per day equal to 2 g/day
  • LINEA POLVERE:2 teaspoons per day equal to about 3 g/day
  • LINEA NATURA: Rosa Canina VITA C:2 tablets per day equal to 0,5 g/day di Vitamina C

No, even taking a dosage of 10-15 grams per day is not considered to be an overdose. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, the recommended daily dosage of Reishi is 3-9 g. Scientists, when conducting clinical research, often administer 5-6 g/day of the Medicinal Mushroom studied.

These Natural Supplements can be taken with or without meals, according to your needs. The active ingredients of Medicinal Mushrooms are not affected by association with food. If they are taken between meals, it is advisable to accompany them with a drink to encourage swallowing.

It is preferable to take the correct daily dosage, whether in tablet or powder form, divided into 2 doses, half in the morning and half in the evening.

However, a single dose is possible; the results are the same. Many people prefer this method because it is more practical.

Medicinal Mushrooms do not act on a symptom immediately, they act gently and gradually.
In general, during the first month Medicinal Mushrooms have a purifying effect that provides initial well-being, felt at various levels. You will notice an improvement in sleep and digestion, less pain, more energy and serenity. In the second and third months, Medicinal Mushrooms regenerate and improve health, since the effects of the most complex active ingredients are felt.

To obtain the greatest benefit you should continue taking Medicinal Mushrooms for another three months in order to obtain consolidated results. It’s a good idea to assess the situation every three months by contacting an expert who will evaluate progress and suggest any changes in the therapy.

In many Asian countries people take Medicinal Mushrooms routinely, even if they have no particular diseases or health problems. There is no limit as to how long you can take them and for this reason they can be integrated into daily diet and you can enjoy the positive effects of Mycotherapy for life.

The first improvements can already be noticed even after just a few days, even if a more significant effect can be appreciated in 3-4 weeks.
The most consistent results can be obtained from the second and third months, with a reduction in the body's dysfunctions and a consolidation of well-being.

Medicinal Mushrooms are also compatible with pregnancy. As a precaution, only Auricularia is not recommended since this mushroom has a beneficial relaxing effect on the muscles and could cause a slight decrease in the muscle tone of the uterus, which should instead be consistent during pregnancy.

Although Medicinal Mushrooms are effective when used alone, they act even more decisively when used together. However, it is necessary to take about 2 grams per day of each Medicinal Mushroom. On our website there are some tried and tested combinations, the Health Kits, composed of Mushrooms that work synergistically and are useful for many pathologies.

Scientific literature does not report any side effects from taking Medicinal Mushrooms. Any inconvenience should not be considered a real side effect but may instead be due to personal reasons, to the elimination of toxins from the body, to stress, to seasonal changes or even to symptoms due to other reasons which are merely a coincidence.

Yes. Medicinal Mushrooms are grown on special farms and respect strict quality and safety standards. The raw material is purchased, processed and transformed into the final product by pharmacological companies authorized by the Ministry of Health. The whole process respects the same professional standards observed in the production of conventional medicines and other supplements, because the laboratories and methods are the same.

Our products have been notified to the Ministry of Health and we guarantee the total absence of pesticides, compliance with statutory values for heavy metals and pathogenic microbes, as well as 100% product purity.

No. Mushrooms have a bad reputation for being toxic and harmful to the liver. In fact, exactly the opposite is true: they give excellent results in the treatment of all liver diseases, including hepatitis. No toxins are present in Medicinal Mushrooms: today we know the hundreds of substances contained in these remedies and they are all beneficial (or inert). Some people are afraid of these remedies whereas actually Medicinal Mushroom Supplements are guaranteed and completely healthy.
Furthermore, they do not produce allergies: those who believe to be allergic to them may have suffered from a digestive disorder, with reactions such as nausea or vomiting.

Studies have shown that Medicinal Mushrooms have absolutely no contraindications. It is advisable to be careful in associating anticoagulants and Auricularia: the therapy must be studied by an expert professional, who knows the mechanisms of the substances in question well.

Auricularia does not alter the values of coagulation parameters (INR, PT, and others); it only avoids the formation of pathological clots and is therefore synergistic with anticoagulants.

Medicinal Mushrooms are available as tablets or in powder form.

  • The tablets are advisable because more practical and because with their compactness they protect the active ingredients as they pass through the stomach, which is characterized by its acidity. The tablets thus arrive in the intestine, where they dissolve, allowing the many active ingredients to be absorbed correctly.
  • The powder, more exposed to gastric acidity, is considered more at risk of alteration which is why the daily dosage should be higher.

Medicinal Mushrooms can be taken at any time of the day, either fasting or on a full stomach.

Their use does not cause stomach or intestinal problems. Temporary discomfort may be felt, because the digestive system is not in perfect health. In these cases, it can be useful to take Medicinal Mushrooms after eating, preferably with simple foods without condiments (such as boiled rice and boiled vegetables, avoiding cheese, meat or fish).

Studies have shown that Medicinal Mushroom Supplements can be associated with conventional medicines, because they improve the overall result. The benefits of the two types of product combine and guarantee an enhanced effect.