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Sexual well-being for teenagers comes naturally with Medicinal Mushrooms

To improve and harmonize your teenager's psycho-neuro-endocrine development, choose the combined action of Reishi and Cordyceps, two Medicinal Mushrooms that stimulate the production of hormones in this phase of adolescent development.

  1. Sexuality Kit
    Do you want a liver which is clean and free of toxins? Do you need to improve blood circulation within the body and protect the heart? Do you want to support and enhance sexual health? Try the Liver, heart and sexuality Kit!

In the East, Reishi and Cordyceps are natural remedies which are well known and have been used for millennia.

In women, they promote the health of the sexual apparatus in all phases of life: from adolescence to pregnancy, and through menopause.

These Medicinal Mushrooms can, in fact, be taken for a long time without any contraindications, they help to alleviate mood swings and stress and regulate the activity of estrogen.

They also have a balancing effect: Mycotherapy Supplements provide help in case of stress and side effects from conventional medicine. In addition, they provide extra energy.

The Liver, heart and Sexuality kit is triple action: it protects the liver and heart, and is also an excellent ally to promote harmonious growth in adolescent sexual development..

Cordyceps (Zhu, 1998a; Zhu, 1998b) and Reishi (Sanodiya, 2009; Shimizu, 2009) promote the activities of the female (Huang., 2004) and male (Huang, 2001; Pan, 2011) reproductive system, also during adolescence. These two Medicinal Mushrooms have a neutral action: they stimulate the necessary functions in teenagers.

The Liver, heart and sexuality kit is compatible with any pharmacological therapies in progress.

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