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Take care of the stomach of your pets and they will live well and long

Stomach problems are many and increasingly common. Nausea, acidity and a burning sensation, bad digestion, bloating and cramps: the right Natural Supplements prevent, relieve and resolve all these symptoms, going right to the root of the problem.

Our Stomach Kit is suitable for all eating habits: the Mycotherapy Supplements of Funghi Energia e Salute are gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

  1. Stomach Kit
    Do you care for your stomach?
    The stomach is affected by very common ailments. Inflammation, stress and infections occur mainly when the seasons change, but they can also appear unexpectedly, with relapses. Encouraging stomach well-being is possible thanks to our Stomach Kit.

The Stomach Kit, consisting of Hericium Basic and Reishi Basic, is very useful for the general health of the gastrointestinal tract of your pets.

Hericium supports and improves normal stomach functionality and reduces the main problems involving this important organ. It contains erinacines, substances important for digestion: these molecules stimulate the production of the protective mucus that lines the walls of the stomach and protect them from gastric acidity. In this way the other glands can produce the acidity necessary for digestion without irritating the body.

In a laboratory study, an extremely high percentage of healing was found in the case of ulcer, up to 91% (Shang, 2013; Yu, 1999).

Reishi exerts an important anti-inflammatory effect, as also emerges from research by Professor Stavinoha, pharmacologist at the University of San Antonio in Texas, United States (Stavinoha, 1995 and 1991).

The Stomach Kit has no side effects and is compatible with any pharmacological therapies in progress.


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